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Observations on "War on Women"

By Rosanne Loukonen

Reprinted from Longmont Times-Call Guest Column 

This past week I have been reading the angry responses to the Supreme court's decision to favor Hobby Lobby.  These commentators would have you believe that the war on women has everything to do with providing contraceptives and abortion privileges to all women.  Well, there is a war happening against women, but not with this issue.  As a daughter of the '60s I well remember the woman's movement of that time.  It was a movement to open doors for women in areas that had rarely been opened up to that time.  Teaching, nursing and secretarial work were all honorable professions, and I loved my years teaching school.  Other women, however, desired other occupations--being a surgeon, a CEO of a company, an engineer, an astronaut, an admiral.  We wanted to be recognized for having fine minds, stout determined hearts, and willing-to-work hands.  Our mantra of the day was Helen  Reddy's song, "I Am Woman, Hear Me Roar...I am strong, I am invincible."  To put it coarsely, we were more than just a piece of meat.

So what is today's war on women?  I used contraceptives, as did millions of other women, so that is nothing new.  What is new is that today's "empowered" women do not want kids, but they want sex whenever, wherever, without accountability or responsibility, and they want the rest of us to pay it.  Let's look at the real war on women, okay.  Women and children caught up in the human sexual trafficking are victims of that war.  Women living under Sharia law are victims.  Women having to support a family on minimum pay, part-time jobs because companies are laying off full-time workers to avoid the Affordable Care Act are victims.  Young girls being told by their hip-hop culture that they are "bitches and ho's," and rather than seeing themselves as beautiful creatures of God to be honored and respected, they are told their purpose in life is to "accommodate" (if you get my drift.)  

About ten years ago a woman who had twelve children by ten different men stood before a camera waving her finger and shouting, "Who is going to take responsibility for these babies?"  That woman was a downed soldier of the war on women.  Six years ago when a young woman was interviewed as to why she was so excited that Obama was elected president, it was because now she didn't have to worry about paying her rent or putting gas into her car.  Obama money would take care of her.  Hopefully, for that wounded soldier reality and common sense has settled in, and she is back on her feet.

Some truths just don't change because people want them to change.  Lying is still lying.  Stealing is still stealing, and murder is still murder.  For millions of Americans, men and women, abortion is still murder.  The media, government, culture will not change that truth.  Hobby Lobby did not say they wanted to abolish all birth control.  They already provided most forms of it.  They did not want the government to force them to provide abortion inducing birth control.  Say what you want, I call them heroes.  

Rosanne Loukonen lives in Longmont.

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March 18, 2012
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